The French Riviera

Location: Nice, Monte Carlo, Cannes & Marseilles: Introduction: After spending several days in the Cotes de Provence vineyards and hill towns, it was time to head down to the coast and get a taste of the Côtes D’Azur and the French Riviera. We made Nice our home base and used it to explore Monte Carlo

Here We Go Again – France

Location: Aix-en-Provence, The Var and Saint-Paul de Vence, France: Introduction: During our year abroad, France was one of our favorite countries and we couldn’t wait for a return visit to soak up the food, wine and people. We got a taste of Provence when we first discovered Marseilles and decided that this was a region worth exploring

Give Me More

Location: Bangkok, Thailand Introduction: Our first trip to Bangkok was a short one as we were, quite frankly, intimidated by the city based on what we had read about it. However, we liked what we saw and just had to come back for more. Heightened security was apparent following the recent bombing. Our daypacks were checked

Why Would You Go There?

Location: Hanoi & Ha Long Bay, Vietnam Introduction: We have found that travel to Southeast Asia can take us far from our comfort zones and yet, that’s one of the things that makes it so appealing. When people would ask us where we were going for vacation this year and we replied Vietnam. It was not

Our 2014 Top 10 Travel Destinations

We’ve heard it said that the joy of travel is in retrospect. Now that our year of world travel has come to an end, we do have a lot of fond memories to reminisce about. We enjoy an annual tradition on New Years Day of individually preparing and sharing our top 10 experiences together during

Smoky Finish

Location: Fort William, Bowmore, Oban and Glasgow, Scotland Introduction: We explored the west coast of Scotland spending the majority of our time on the island of Islay. Aside from its abundant natural beauty, Islay is home to 8 whisky distilleries that are known for their distinct smoky flavors. It was a great place to chill

Scottish Warmth

Introduction: Scotland quickly impressed us, reminding us in many ways of New Zealand, another country that we love. It’s sparsely populated with more sheep than people; the landscapes are beautiful; the single carriageways lack shoulders and there’s the occasional one-lane bridge that must be shared with oncoming traffic. The people we met were warm and

English Lessons

Location: England Introduction: We found ourselves with an unscheduled return to England following our deportation from Finland. Without a plan, we decided to put our remaining hotel and credit card reward points to good use and mapped out a course that would eventually lead us to Scotland where we intended to conclude our trip. It

White Nights

Location: St. Petersburg, Russia Introduction: We’ve read a number of novels involving St. Petersburg (e.g., Anna Karenina) that left us longing to see this famous city. However, obtaining a Russian visa is a challenging and expensive process. In addition, relations between the US and Russia have been somewhat strained of late. Thus, we planned on

French Connection Video

Introduction: We felt a real connection with France and couldn’t get enough of their delicious food as you can see in our latest video.