Video Archive

French Connection Video

Introduction: We felt a real connection with France and couldn’t get enough of their delicious food as you can see in our latest video.  

It’s Tapas Time Video

Introduction: People sure know how to have fun in Rioja and we were no exception as you can clearly see in our latest video.  


Location: Italy Introduction:  Here’s a lighthearted view of our travels through Italy. We had a lot of fun putting it together and hope that you enjoy it too.  

African Edge Video – South Africa and Morocco

We’ve doubled up our latest video starting out in South Africa and finishing up in Morocco.  Hope you enjoy!   

African Adventures Video

Here is the latest installment of videos.  Thanks to Edmund Mujuni for helping us find a soundtrack!  

Chilelicious Video

Introduction: We had a blast with our new Chilean friends.  We hope you enjoy our adventure through this beautiful country.  

Southern Exposure Video

Introduction: Here is our video of some fantastic times traveling through Peru and Argentine – two incredible countries. Watch out for giant Penguins. 

Kiwi Wonderland Video

Introduction: New Zealand continues to be a place of paradise.  We stuck to the south island this time and soaked it up!  If you haven’t been to Milford Sound, we hope this helps influence you to take a trip there. 

Southern Beauty Adventurers

Location: South Island, New Zealand Introduction: Spectacular is the best we can do to describe the South Island of New Zealand. We first came here in 2008 and had a great time Skydiving and Jet Boating. However, our trip was incomplete as we never made it to Milford Sound. So, that was our primary objective

Love Down Under Video

Introduction: If you can’t tell, we LOVE Australia.  Thanks to our friends Ann and Adam for the music choice.