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Taking it Easy

Location: Santiago, Chile Introduction: We finished up our visit to Chile and South America with 5 days in the capital of Santiago. We only scratched the surface of this fine city as we took some time to slow down and focus on planning the next major phase of our trip. This was a great place

Chilelicious Video

Introduction: We had a blast with our new Chilean friends.  We hope you enjoy our adventure through this beautiful country.  

Wines of Passion

Location: Talca, San Fernando, Pichilemu & Santa Cruz Chile Introduction: We’ve come to learn that producing good, inexpensive wine is fairly easy for winemakers to do in Chile. Through incredible good fortune, we’ve also come to learn that a small number of independent wine makers are pouring their passion into producing more distinctive wines that

Chile Dog

Location:  Santiago, Valparaiso, Santa Cruz & Armerillo, Chile   Introduction: We completed our first week in Chile and really like it. The wine regions are picturesque and the wine is good and inexpensive. We’ve even enjoyed a couple of bottles of Chardonnay, which is rare for us. The seafood is good. The selection of brands