Argentina Archive

Southern Exposure Video

Introduction: Here is our video of some fantastic times traveling through Peru and Argentine – two incredible countries. Watch out for giant Penguins. 

Malbec Country

Location: Mendoza, Argentina Introduction: We arrived in Mendoza with high expectations, as this is the primary wine producing region of Argentina and the home of Malbec. What surprised us is that unlike most of the wine regions we’ve visited, you can’t just drop in unexpected at most places. The tastings (including tours) need to be

Wine High

Location: Cafayate and Purmamarca, Argentina Introduction: After a month in Argentina, we finally made it to the wine region and our introduction was as good as it gets. The drive down from Salta was very picturesque with stunning scenery to keep us company. At about a mile above sea level, Cafayate is the highest major

City Life

Location: Buenos Aires & Salta, Argentina Introduction: After spending a couple of weeks out in the countryside, we landed back in the big cities. Buenos Aires is a vast, sprawling city and that’s where we headed when we left Patagonia. We enjoyed great food, warm weather (in the upper 80’s) and bright blue skies. We

Blue Ice Paradise

Location: El Calafate & El Chalten, Santa Cruz, Argentina Introduction: Patagonia covers a large area of southern South America, including Tierra Del Fuego where we started our visit to Argentina but it could be said that the heart of Patagonia is found in the province of Santa Cruz where we’ve spent the past week exploring both

The End of the World

Location: Ushuaia, Argentina Introduction: Ushuaia is located near the southern tip of South America and it is the southern most city (“fin del mundo”…aka End of the World). It’s a cool place and we mean that both figuratively and literally. It’s almost summer down here but we had to go shopping and buy some warm