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The Packing List and Backpack

Rich’s Stuff Elizabeth’s Stuff The above pics were taken a week prior to leaving.  Since we had months to plan out our clothes and decide on a backpack, we were able to do some extensive research.  Here are our lists: RICH: Backpack:  Osprey Farpoint 40L in Blue Clothes: Shirts & Jackets: ✓ 2 short sleeve

The Consequences of the Necessary Shots

  1st Round of Shots (aka: Our 1st Setback) – Some countries won’t allow you to enter unless you have been vaccinated against Yellow Fever. Then, there are a number of additional vaccinations that one can get for all kinds of nasty diseases. Yesterday, we went to an office specializing in immunizations. Before we went, Elizabeth reminded

China Says Go Back Home

  Something you might not normally think about when travelling is: What are the Visa requirements for each country on the Menu? Some countries require that you apply for and purchase Visas in advance. Based on the menu of countries we put together, we needed to apply in advance for Visas to China, India and