Italy Archive


Location: Italy Introduction:  Here’s a lighthearted view of our travels through Italy. We had a lot of fun putting it together and hope that you enjoy it too.  

Sicilian Roots

Location: Sicily, Italy Introduction: We came to Sicily to learn about their wines and see where Rich’s grandparents grew up. We had no idea how beautiful Sicily is. The coastlines were constantly changing and always impressive. The interior of the island had rolling green hills and rugged mountains with panoramic vistas in every direction. This


Location: Positano, Italy Introduction: The road from Amalfi to Sorrento along the Mediterranean Sea is world renowned for its scenic beauty and quaint resort towns built on the steep cliff sides. We visited early in the season before the large crowds and traffic arrive. We stayed in Positano, which hangs on the cliffs between Amalfi

Roman Times

Location: Rome, Italy Introduction: There’s no place like Rome. We guess you could say that about a lot of places. There’s just something especially captivating about the Roman civilization and wandering around Rome stirred up our imaginations. There’s also no place like the Vatican and you don’t have to be religious to appreciate its “Awe-mazing”

Tuscan Crawl

Location: Florence and Siena, Italy We’ve longed to visit Tuscany and we finally got our wish. It was everything that we’d hoped it would be and a perfect place for us to slow down, hang around and soak up. We started out in the north near Florence and ended up in the south in Siena.

Romeo & Juliet

Location: Udine & Verona, Italy Introduction: Italy is the world’s 2nd largest wine producing region. We’ve been enjoying their wine for years. We once spent a week exploring the Piedmont wine region in the northwest of the country but we still felt like we have so much more learning to do. So, we started out

Italian Romance

Location: Milan & Venice, Italy Introduction: We were thrilled to be back in Italy and plan to spend a lot of time here. We started out in Milan for the simple reason that it’s where the cheapest flights could be found from Lisbon. We flew EasyJet, a budget airline that only allows 1 small carry-on