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The French Riviera

Location: Nice, Monte Carlo, Cannes & Marseilles: Introduction: After spending several days in the Cotes de Provence vineyards and hill towns, it was time to head down to the coast and get a taste of the Côtes D’Azur and the French Riviera. We made Nice our home base and used it to explore Monte Carlo

Here We Go Again – France

Location: Aix-en-Provence, The Var and Saint-Paul de Vence, France: Introduction: During our year abroad, France was one of our favorite countries and we couldn’t wait for a return visit to soak up the food, wine and people. We got a taste of Provence when we first discovered Marseilles and decided that this was a region worth exploring

French Connection Video

Introduction: We felt a real connection with France and couldn’t get enough of their delicious food as you can see in our latest video.  

Balls, Blooms and Bubbles

Location: Paris, France Introduction: We came to Paris but not for the famous tourist sights as we’d previously had the opportunity to appreciate them. This time, we planned to live on the edge with 3 menu items in mind: Flying Tennis Balls, Blooming Gardens and Bubbly Wine. So, we booked a Hotel on the city’s

Honoring Our Heroes

Location: Normandy, France Introduction: We dedicate this post to the brave allied soldiers who fought so courageously for our freedom 70 years ago on the beaches and in the fields of Normandy. We wanted to come and see where World War II’s D-Day unfolded on June 6, 1944. To better prepare ourselves in the days

Castles, Caves and an Attic

Location: Tours and the Loire Valley of France Introduction: The Loire Valley is another popular tourist destination but it doesn’t feel like one as the popular tourist sights are spread far and wide across the lengthy valley. We settled in for a week and made daily excursions around the area. It had a rural feel

Left or Right?

Location: Bordeaux Wine Region of France Introduction: The wine regions and vineyards of Bordeaux seemed to go on forever. Given that some of the wines of Bordeaux are the most expensive in the world, we were concerned that we might encounter an elitist attitude. We found just the opposite. The people we engaged with were

Rocky Rhone

Location: Avignon France Introduction: We drove up into the Rhone Valley for an Easter weekend stay in Avignon, a walled city with a fascinating medieval history. It’s located on the Rhone River in Provence. The Rhone River Valley is one of France’s famed wine regions and it has to be seen to be believed. Vines

The Count of Monte Cristo

Location: Marseille, France Introduction: Now that we’re in Europe, we have a lot more flexibility with our travel options and we’re being opportunistic on where the deals are. We found an unbelievable deal to fly Ryanair from Sicily to Marseille, France. So, off we went. We had no idea that Marseille is the second biggest