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Shop ’till You Drop

Location: Hong Kong Introduction: From the moment we set foot in our room in the Grand Hyatt we couldn’t stop smiling.  Maybe it was the lavish oversized King Room, amazing fitness center, drinkable tap water and English-speaking people everywhere, but Hong Kong was such a nice oasis. We stayed in Tsim Sha Tsui, which we came

First impressions can be deceiving

Location: Xi’an, China Introduction: The high speed train from Beijing was clean, comfortable and right on schedule.  Our first impression upon arriving in Xi’an was tough to overcome as the smog was especially bad and burring our eyes even before we got outside.  But, the people we met; the sights we saw and the food

Please Don’t Climb the Great Wall

Location: Beijing China Highlights: Great Wall @ Jinshanlinh & Hutongs Story: We start our first Travelling Blog post from China with a shout-out to Sam & Laura from England who helped us figure out how to overcome China’s censorship of the Internet, which prevented us from being able to access our Blog host. We must