Upside Down Under

Location: Gold Coast, Australia


Our final stop in OZ was to visit our good friends Ann & Adam Taylor in their beautiful new home on the northern tip of the Gold Coast. It was great fun to reconnect and get reacquainted with the Gold Coast & Brisbane. This is a tropical area with pristine beaches and waterways. We had to avoid the heart of the Gold Coast, which is somewhat like Miami Beach in the US, as tens of thousands of “Schoolies” had descended upon it for their annual high school graduation celebrations. Why would students be graduating in November and then starting college in February? It’s because things are upside down for us in the southern hemisphere as they’re approaching the summer season here. As Adam reminded Rich of this, it all started clicking into place. He had been puzzled when one of the wine makers explained that they like to plant their vines facing north to get the greatest sun exposure, which is the exact opposite in the northern hemisphere where the ideal direction for planting vines is usually south facing.

Sites Visited:

Brisbane, Museum of Modern Art, River Walk, Burleigh Beach & National Park. While our visit was short, we made the most of it. Ann & Adam brought us up to Brisbane, the capital of Queensland, where there’s lots to see and do. We also spent a day exploring Burleigh Beach, where there’s a well preserved national park on the ocean. We took a nice hike to the top of the headland to enjoy some amazing views up and down the coast.


We felt like we were in a modern luxury resort when we stayed in Ann & Adam’s new 3 bedroom Town House which is right on the inter-coastal waterway. What a great house in such a great location.

Food and Drink:

We got a chance to enjoy both home cooking and eating out. We savored some proper seafood at the Fish House restaurant in a very romantic setting overlooking the ocean. The next evening, we were treated to a restaurant quality meal of filet mignon at home ala Chef Ann. We had a tasty Italian lunch at Popolo’s on the River in Brisbane. The day we left we had a late lunch at “Raw”, a vegetarian restaurant that was delicious. Along with our meals, we enjoyed a variety of fine Aussie wines to compliment our dishes and some fantastic Japanese Whiskey Adam had stored.

Transportation System:


There’s nothing like being chauffeured around throughout our stay. We had door-to-door service from our arrival up through our departure.

Shout Outs:

Thanks so much to Ann & Adam for spoiling us during our visit. We love you guys!

For Your Amusement:

Ann & Adam’s housing community had a nice fitness center that we were able to take advantage of. When finished using the cardio equipment, guests are requested to turn off the power source at the wall socket. Elizabeth mistakenly turned off the treadmill of the guy next to her and it came to an abrupt stop. He didn’t find it very funny and seemed rather annoyed. Elizabeth was rather embarrassed but Rich was rather amused.


Good times with great friends in Paradise Point.

Next Up: A return to New Zealand’s South Island so that we can see the fjords in Milford Sound.


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